Hi there! My name is Kym.

I love development.

I love mobile.

I adore Xamarin.


I live in Melbourne, Australia with my beautiful family which consists of twin toddler boys, a 6 year old daughter and my wonderful wife.

I’ve been doing development of one kind or another since forever (I gave up counting at 20 years),  Right now, I’m working for Xamarin University as an Instructor.  Most awesome job ever. But always coding and working on projects at night too.  I’m a big fan of Agile and I just love new technologies.

How you can get in contact with me:

  • email: kphillpotts at gmail.com or kym.phillpotts at xamarin.com
  • twitter: @kphillpotts
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • github: http://www.github.com/kphillpotts
  • I also blog at http://www.welltechnically.com
  • I put lots of links up on pinboard.in: https://pinboard.in/u:kphillpotts
  • When I see a nice design i pin it on pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kphillpotts/

Things I’m interested in:

  • Cycling.  I’ve toured around New Zealand and Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos)
  • Travel. I’ve travelled pretty extensively through Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
  • New Technologies. The closer I am to the bleeding edge, the better.

Some things I’ve done (in no particular order):

  • I’m a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer
  • I’ve been a Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • I’ve worked in lots of industries (government, health, banking, security, startups)
  • I’m a Certified Scrum Master
  • I have facilitated multiple Geekends (weekend hackfests)
  • I’m was the 6th Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in Australia
  • I’ve walked across Iceland
  • I had an app in the Windows 8 Store on launch day
  • I’ve had an app demoed on stage at Microsoft Partners Conference
  • I’ve had some zany job titles like “Product Evangelist” and “Technology Coach”
  • I presented at TechEd 1995 on Word Templates in Government
  • Came second in a Teched Hackfest in 2012 (won an xbox but ya just can’t beat an app for kids with diabetes)
  • I was awarded Team member of the Year for Fred Health in 2013

Thanks for stopping by.

Please shoot me an email and say hi, or if you are in Melbourne maybe we can catch up.