Common UI Patterns in Xamarin.Forms – Part 0

This is the start of a blog mini series about implementing Common UI Patterns in Xamarin.Forms.

Xamarin.Forms is an incredibly powerful platform to build cross platform mobile apps. I believe that unlike other “write once, run anywhere” style solutions Xamarin.Forms still holds the real promise of creating high performance professional apps. The beauty is that everything actually resolves down to native controls and views, and where required can be tweaked using Custom Renderers and other platform specific tweaks.

One of the things that attracts me to Xamarin.Forms is the ability to rapidly build solutions but I don’t think this needs to come at the cost of sloppy (or lowest common denominator) interfaces.  I would like to explore the possibilities (and limitations) of Xamarin.Forms by implementing  common mobile UI patterns and designs that I see in popular apps and established patterns.


  • Layouts and Navigation Patterns

    • Springboard / Launchpads
    • Lists (vertical, infinite, grouped, text, graphical)
    • Tabbed Pages
    • Slide Out Menus (master, detail)
    • Carousel
  • Common Flows / Screens

    • Sign in and Registration Flows
    • Data entry screens
    • Checkout / shopping
    • Settings

And no doubt heaps more once I get going.  Stay tuned.