Xamarin Link Roundup 7 Jul 2014


  • Xamarin.Forms.Labs Version 1.1.0 Released
    • Xamarin on Film: @dotnetConf & FlashCast (James Montemagno) – Xamarin was all over the dontNetConf conference with some great training videos. Also check out [Scott Hanselman’s post](http://www.hanselman.com/blog/catchuponallthevideosfromdotnetconfspring2014.aspx “”).</ul>

      Cool Posts

    • [Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin Forms and Azure Mobile Services](http://blog.falafel.com/Blogs/joshmorales/josh-morales/2014/07/14/cross-platform-apps-with-xamarin-forms-and-azure-mobile-services “”) (Josh Morales) – A new blog post series covering Xamarin Forms and Azure Mobile Services
      • [Consuming Server-Side SignalR Events in Universal Windows App Clients](http://dontcodetired.com/blog/post/Consuming-Server-Side-SignalR-Events-in-Universal-Windows-App-Clients.aspx “”) (Jason Roberts) – Universal Windows Apps and SignalR, a match made in heaven
        • [Adding View Effects in iOS 8](http://blog.xamarin.com/adding-view-effects-in-ios-8/ “”) (Mike Bluestein) – How to use iOS 8’s blur and vibrancy effects.
          • Xamarin Forms and HTTP (Jesse Liberty) – Jesse continues his series on learning Xamarin Forms.  Complete series list is here.
            • Exploring HealthKit with Xamarin: Provisioning and Permissions Illustrated Walkthrough (Larry O’Brien) – Walkthrough of getting started with HealthKit


              Code & Components

            • PDFNet SDK and another for [Getting Started with iOS](http://blog.pdftron.com/2014/01/24/getting-started-with-xamarin-ios/ “”) which walk through using the component
              • [Port of Floating Action Button](http://blog.ostebaronen.dk/2014/07/port-of-floating-action-button.html “”) (Tomasz Cielecki) Xamarin.Android port of a floating button from Android L.
                • [Resharper Templates for Xamarin Forms](https://github.com/glennstephens/xfTemplates “”) (Glenn Stephens) – If you like Resharper and Xamarin Forms, you might find Glenn’s templates very handy</ul>


                • [The Player Experience: How To Design for Mobile Games](http://designmodo.com/mobile-games-ux/ “”) (designmodo) – Some tips for creating  engaging UX for mobile games
                  • [Free icon packs for developers](http://www.deanhume.com/Home/BlogPost/Free%20icon%20packs%20for%20developers/87 “”) (Dean Hume) – Dean shares a list of icon resources for the design impaired.</ul>


                  • [If I Were Miguel De Icaza…](http://blog.falafel.com/Blogs/jesseliberty/jesse-liberty/2014/07/14/if-i-were-miguel-de-icaza “”) (Jesse Liberty) – Jesse dreams big Winking smile
                    • [Screen Mirroring for iOS, Android and Windows Phone](http://motzcod.es/post/90610802117/screen-mirroring-for-ios-android-and-windows-phone “”) (James Montemagno) – It’s inevitable that you’ll have to demo your app on a big screen at some stage. James provides some tools.</ul>