Microsoft //Build/ Recap for Xamarin Developers

I presented a session on all the imprortant stuff from Microsoft //Build/ for Xamarin Developers at the Melbourne Xamarin User Group yesterday. Just sharing out the links from the session.

The slides are available over at SlideShare

Links to all the gory details are over at https://aka.ms/XamBuild2018 and included below. (saved you a click)

General Recaps (tl;dr versions)


Xamarin Tools for Visual Studio (PC)

Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio Live Share


Hyper-V Android Emulators

Xamarin Live Reload

Xamarin Essentials

Xamarin.Forms 3.0

Visual State Manager


CSS Styling

Right-To-Left Support

WPF Support

F100 Contributions

Other Interesting Things

Build Tour


Kym Phillpotts

Geek, Parent, Human, Senior Content Developer at Microsoft. Co-curator of http://weeklyxamarin.com and twitch streaming live coding at http://twitch.tv/kymphillpotts.

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